Sunday, 14 September 2014


A M A Z I N G 
I got to watch one of my ultimate favourite designers ♡ KTZ ♡ 
The hats reminded me of the ninjas in that Lee Min Ho drama Faith.

I wasn't expecting to be this impressed since I love menswear collections a lot more, however this collection is definitely my favourite from the London womenswear collections this season. The embellishments and attention to detail is why I love KTZ so much. This collection was a lot less tribal and I definitely felt a lot of ♡ girl power ♡. 

People love to associate KTZ with streetwear but it's far beyond street wear. 
Even though the collection is for women I would still style men in some of these looks! 
The jewelry is really versatile, gorgeous gold which is my favourite to pair with black and white. The shoes were quite gorgeous, I can definitely see my queen 2NE1's CL rocking them.

I also attended Nasir Mazhar, Topshop Unique, Ashley Williams and Lucas Mascimento so I'll post more photos later.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

B.A.P Live on Earth London

I won't go into detail about how jealous I am of the fans that got to meet the boys casually in the most popular obvious places in London. I went to see B.A.P on  28th April , queuing up early hours of the mornings to get a good place to see six beautiful guys. I usually turn up at a concert about an hour or so before the concert, I got up left home at 4:30 for this!

So after waiting in the rainy cold London weather, butt painful and wet. I finally saw the concert and my God! It was incredible, totally worth all the pain and significant hole in my bank account. I had so much fun and made so many awesome new friends through going to this concert and all the prep before. I have a video coming very soon (tomorrow) the one video I captured perfectly was B.A.P Body & Soul, for all you fans reading this, I know you'll be squirming. 
So in true spirit of B.A.P not abandoning London like a lot of groups do, I created a special outfit for my main bias Bang Yongguk.
Check out my hipster blurry pics of the concert here on my flickr.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Retrograde OOTD

Last week on the 24th April it was Fashion Revolution Day. Following the Rana Plaza disaster, we need to raise awareness about the issues happening behind our labels. So I wore my Roberto Piqueras Top inside out and visited Designer Jumble. The Designer Jumble store sells gorgeous vintage designer pieces. I bought myself a D&G tartan mini skirt and cute Vivienne Westwood top. I also met a lolita who works at the shop, she's also a graphic designer, how cool! You can follow her twitter here. I had so much fun. Susie Bubble was at the shop too, making the display and styling outfits, but I was to shy to bother her with a photo for my little blog -despite her probably being one of the first fashion blogs I discovered.  Here are some pics of the day.

PS: I went to see B.A.P and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!! Hence my absence. B.A.P special outfit post coming tomorrow and the rest of my Bangtan Boys Outfits will continue. I've started doing some sketching to so look out for that!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Immi Styles: Jimin of BTS

Bangtan Boys 방탄소년단 are a Hip Hop boy group from South Korea (I can hear you face-palming). I don't usually just like new artists or groups with a strong passion, comparable to my love of Big Bang and Alex Turner. But BTS have that special something about them. When they first came out with No More Dream they blew my mind.

(Mind: What has happened, have I just found the second greatest boy band?) 

They have that energy and passion that a lot of groups today, let alone rookie groups just don't have. Their message and what they stand for is so positive and inspirational. Rap Monster is so cool I'll just leave his essay for his feature. Not only is the brain massaging music they make incredible, but their style is always a step ahead. If I could, I would hug their stylists for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

So in a salute to BTS, I will do a feature on my blog, on how I will style each member. Starting with this cutie Jimin.
They make this ☹ girl .

Jersey: KTZ 
Shorts: Jordan 
Trainers/ (or Sneakers): Adidas Crazy 8 - I want them so much.
Snapback: Stereo Vinyls Collection
Socks: Adidas
Gold ring: Ambush designs

Saturday, 8 February 2014

♡ My online shopping picks ♡

 ♡♡♡My Online Shopping Picks♡♡♡

Style Nanda Edition.

I love Style Nanda. Style Nanda is a trendy shop based in South Korea, they have many Korean idols wearing their clothes, especially in dramas. One of my hobbies is finding drama fashion, there's nothing better than identifying your favourite character's, or least favourite character's outfits, at least to me there's nothing better. One thing I love about Style Nanda is that their styling is always on point, they have gorgeous models, great clothes that are really affordable - most of the time. 
I chose my favourite items that are now on my wish list. Hopefully I can buy them soon and give a review as I've never bought from Style Nanda before.

Jumper/ Sweater
$37.21/ £22.68


$31.82/ £19.39
$24.11/ £14.69

$28.40/ £17.31

They're exactly like the Stella Mccartney A/W Platforms!
$58.02!/ £35.36!
$142.90/ £87.08

Next up: My favorite designers and brands

Sunday, 5 January 2014

I change my name more than Snoop Dog and P-Diddy

Happy New Year, is everyone alive and kicking? お元気ですか? 안녕하세요?
It was my birthday yesterday, but I'm the type not to celebrate myself that much at all. Plus everyone has always forgotten or avoided my birthday due to it being so close to Christmas and New Year ㅠㅠ. I did a lot of shopping and got awesome presents, that's what it's all about really!
I change my online name a lot because I get bored with them really easily, but I will never go with my own name. I've never been content with my own name. It's all thanks to the miscommunication between my Great-grandma and my Grandma on naming me. So I go by my middle name. It's been years of names being disposable for me, *remembers the underage myspace days* - seriously I was far too young for that site but it was so much fun "stay blessed" "hey mamii" "username: AndyBiersacklover1995_3000".
Last year I must have created two different names. Now I have a brand new name that I think may stick this year, I actually make art and have begun planning projects. 

*drum roll* 
immi♡ (immi_hearts)

Anti-climax of the year so far?  

My hair now is blonde too, so that's a little extra change.
Santan Santa Immi

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Taeyang new merchendise

I never get excited about merchandise but Taeyang is G-Dragon's other half (arguably amongst the fanbase). Just watching his comeback 'Ringa Linga' music video, shows that he learnt a thing or two from Paris Fashion Week. The outfits were just amazing, he even wore two jerseys from G-Dragons collection with Stampt.
So from Taeyang's merchandise I mainly loved the snapback's, I'm not a fan of his face on the hoodies, but otherwise this is really good for merchandise.

They are rad, I want to buy them so much. 사거싶어요!

Here is Taeyang music video for Ringa Linga