Thursday, 1 May 2014

B.A.P Live on Earth London

I won't go into detail about how jealous I am of the fans that got to meet the boys casually in the most popular obvious places in London. I went to see B.A.P on  28th April , queuing up early hours of the mornings to get a good place to see six beautiful guys. I usually turn up at a concert about an hour or so before the concert, I got up left home at 4:30 for this!

So after waiting in the rainy cold London weather, butt painful and wet. I finally saw the concert and my God! It was incredible, totally worth all the pain and significant hole in my bank account. I had so much fun and made so many awesome new friends through going to this concert and all the prep before. I have a video coming very soon (tomorrow) the one video I captured perfectly was B.A.P Body & Soul, for all you fans reading this, I know you'll be squirming. 
So in true spirit of B.A.P not abandoning London like a lot of groups do, I created a special outfit for my main bias Bang Yongguk.
Check out my hipster blurry pics of the concert here on my flickr.

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