Friday, 4 April 2014

Immi Styles: Jimin of BTS

Bangtan Boys 방탄소년단 are a Hip Hop boy group from South Korea (I can hear you face-palming). I don't usually just like new artists or groups with a strong passion, comparable to my love of Big Bang and Alex Turner. But BTS have that special something about them. When they first came out with No More Dream they blew my mind.

(Mind: What has happened, have I just found the second greatest boy band?) 

They have that energy and passion that a lot of groups today, let alone rookie groups just don't have. Their message and what they stand for is so positive and inspirational. Rap Monster is so cool I'll just leave his essay for his feature. Not only is the brain massaging music they make incredible, but their style is always a step ahead. If I could, I would hug their stylists for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

So in a salute to BTS, I will do a feature on my blog, on how I will style each member. Starting with this cutie Jimin.
They make this ☹ girl .

Jersey: KTZ 
Shorts: Jordan 
Trainers/ (or Sneakers): Adidas Crazy 8 - I want them so much.
Snapback: Stereo Vinyls Collection
Socks: Adidas
Gold ring: Ambush designs

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