Tuesday, 8 October 2013

R.I.P for now leather jacket

 Here you can see my classic black leather jacket. In my air-headed state, I left it in the auditorium of my uni this morning. Yes I go to university now, it's been alright so far, my freshers week was a bit of a flop, having to commute 2 hours and all, student finance is a bit of a joke but other than that I'm back on track to start blogging again. I've changed a lot from when I first started this blog (My wardrobe are darker and my taste in music more Korean and Japanese) so expect different things and good things hopefully!

A little explanation of my blog name change
My name is Immaculata
My nick name is Immy
I like chocolate, I love chocolate
Chocolate = coco + Immy = Imiko
New blog title: xximiko

Twitter: XXIMIKO 
Tumblr: Fakebeach


  1. omg your style is to die for~ and we're so like omg lol. new reader! www.pinkivorys.blogspot.com *:.。.

  2. Ah thank you! You have Jimin on your blog so I'm definitely following back (=n.n= )