Sunday, 15 September 2013

Geo Bella Brown Circle Lens review

I bought circle lens for the first time a while ago from, but obviously I forgot that with contact lens you actually have to have a solution an take care of them, typical. So after many ("ffs!", "cba!") failed attempts, I finally got the lens in my eyes yesterday.

Before (sort of since I dyed my hair afterwards)

So the lens are super soft, I thought that I'd constantly be able to feel them in my eyes but I didn't really. The colour is very subtle and natural looking, which I wanted for my first lens, I'll probably get grey next time. If I was going to buy circle lens again, which I will be, I will probably get a bigger size since my eyes are pretty big already they didn't make a huge difference.

Rating: 8/10
-One of the lens was blurry, I researching found that it's normal at the corners of the lens due to the design but this was slightly blurry in the center which sucks. I have to contact the company and get a replacement or something.

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