Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I am finally off school and unless you live in a cave or a cold place somewhere, you will see that the sun is out yay! We all know that it is most likely not to last very much longer which explains why 've been lounging in the sun everyday. On the first day of sun (Friday - I think) I went with my girl Mariatou (insert blog link!) to Hyde Park and bumped into no other that Hugo Taylor and his girlfriend Natalie from Made in Chelsea (I am so hooked on this show btw). Now I didn't really have a suitable camera so I didn't ask for a photo or anything so sorry guys no photos. 

The rest of the week I've been rather lazy just chilling in the garden reading (which takes up so much time), I lose track of time so easily when I'm reading. I've got to be a lot more proactive now especially since I am considering applying to audition for The Voice UK.

Speaking of music; I've wrote a few songs with my guitar recently and I'm quite liking them compared to other songs I've written. So I am going to cheaply record them on my Soundcloud and make a video on youtube very soon.

Oh, I am also off school which I forgot to mention, my half term starts earlier than other schools which I could've taken advantage of by going on holiday with some friends but you know (exams, exams, exams!). I would say that I am lucky to not have any exams since I do a BTEC Diploma but it's way harder than exams on my course. The stress of last week coursework deadlines still haunts me.

I really want an iPhone 4s because of the camera, unfortunately my phone has a lame camera which makes taking photos of unexpected celebrity appearances very hard. They're so expensive though, plus I have my DSLR but the iPhone 4s is so compact! I love my 3GS though, the design is so cute just like my Macbook which apple no longer make!

I tried out a free Nails Inc Nail polish I got from InStyle Magazine and I like the colour a lot but it didn't say what colour it was, also it came out quite bubbly (maybe because it was watered down =.=). 
Okay well thats all I have to blog about. This time I will try my best to post regularly, school work caught me off guard as usual.

Headdress - Miss Selfridge
Floral Crop Top - Vintage (ebay)
My Fav Topshop maxi!
Glasses - I forgot but probably Primark or Newlook
Lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel (01)


  1. The head dress is so gorgeous, I could never pull one off! x

  2. I really like ur style i follow u ♥

  3. i love this outfit, it looks perfect for the summer. Love your style, new follower!

    Katie xxx

  4. i loooooove this. your hair color is superb and the floral pattern is so summery. definitely a new follower :) check out my blog if you have the chance x

  5. This is adorable <3
    I followed u on GFC/BlogLuvin! Follow back?

  6. Wow! Your hair is amazing! It looks so natural and it really really suits you! You are seriously so beautiful, you must be a model right? You are so talented, I love your blog and I am now definitely following you. I look forward to reading your future posts! :)x