Friday, 16 December 2011

A Wonderful Christmas Time

I changed the blog name to FABRICandTEA
Catch up: On Thursday I went to the London XFM winter wonderland and it was amazing. Slightly disappointed that the Horrors didn't come but it's alright the Maccabees made up for it with extra songs. I got caught in a mosh pit! Oh my, it was crazy. I really like all of the artist's that were there: Ben Howard (so adorable), Band of Skulls (amazing!), We are Augustines (I didn't know them but they were good), The Maccabees (Great and the lead singer is gorgeous!), Tribes (So good!), Kaiser Chiefs (Words cannot describe!) and a special guest performance by the lead singer of Manic Street Preachers (I'm so surprised that I knew the songs!). Never Shout Never is my next gig hopefully.

Well, this is quite a delayed post since I decorated the house with my family on Sunday. This Christmas is exciting because I'm getting my lita's! I opted for the original black leather and wood heel lita's so I'll wear them all the time, I don't really wear heels so these will be a starter. Off Subject! Let's show you some christmas photo's.

My little sister going crazy for the tinsel.

These are so beautiful I love them £2 at Sainsburies , it even comes with a cute pot!


We have these all over the ceiling, it gives the place a nice winter wonderland theme.

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This year is my little brother Oli's first Christmas and he loves the tree. Yep, he loves the tree so much he tears all decorations from it and eats them.


Song of the day: Kaiser Chiefs - Kinda Girl You Are

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