Thursday, 2 June 2011

I need a to get a job.

Gosh these day's with no school have been so boring. All I've been doing is Maths revision, tumblr and sleeping. I feel ever so bored. Today I've had food poisoning which has not been very pleasant at all. I feel like a zombie.
I think I'll tie-dye this jumper tomorrow.

I'm definitely determined to have a job/ internship during the summer. I've applied to be a runner for Mary Portas new show, I don't think I'll be accepted but hey, it's worth a try. I'm aiming for a simple job as a retail assistant in a fashion clothing store (employee discounts!). Topshop seems to have a really good program going on with their retail assistants. I would also love to do some work experience in newspapers or magazines as I love writing.

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