Thursday, 26 May 2011

Oh hai there.

Hello I'm Immaculata, but you can call me Immy. I'm a sixteen year old odd girl from London. I love writing and thought it'll be a good idea to start a blog. I get inspired by many things everyday and I have no place to express them - hopefully this blog will work. 
Tomorrow is actually my last day of school and I'm feeling mixed emotions about leaving. I've always been determined to get out of my chav filled school. I made sure I applied to a lot of different sixth forms. I'm a tad worried though, all of my friends have decided to stay at my school's sixth form which sucks because I'll be a lone newbie. I'm used to moving to different schools and making new friends I guess, so I'll be fine. It's just weird.
I hope you enjoy my blog. I guess it's going to show a little journey of my life from now through sixth form/ college. 


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